Passion for Fashion

Fashion is my source and success area of creativity. Fashion is what drives me to be creative.Especially the business of fashion. I am an adaptive, forward-looking professional, who thrives off of the fast pace fashion retail environment. I love that your style can be a personal brand and help visually express who you are. The ambiguity of trends, like how it really is up to you to figure out what works and what wows.

I think most of this stems from my interest in art as a kid. I have always had a skill for drawing or painting and I believe doing so has helped me learn more about creativity at a growing age. I have learned to fail tome and time again while knowing that most mistakes can be fixed or learned from, just like in art.

The art of fashion is my favorite type of art because it represents you and helps you stay unique.

Embracing the ambiguity of matching trends and styles and make it your own.

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