Being Creative Intentionally

If you’re in a creative field, there is an expectation that the solutions you come up with will be creative, both in concept and execution. To me, this meant that everything I do should be extraordinary, absolutely brilliant. My solutions should not only break the norms but smash them into a million pieces in such a way that they never knew what hit them.

If this sounds like a way to come up with some damn good ideas, you would be wrong. The sheer pressure of wanting to create something that would blow everyone’s minds out of the water led to some pretty lackluster solutions.  

I’ve learned instead to try bringing creativity into individual parts of the design process. By asking myself questions like “how can I use a technique that I’ve never used before?” or “what can I do to get my concept across the most effectively?” I can focus more creative energy on something concrete and with purpose rather than trying to innovate an entire project.  

By asking myself how I can incorporate hand lettering into a typographical poster, I came up with this solution for a Queen poster my sophomore year. I challenge every other creative to ask themselves these kinds of questions on their next project. You may be amazed at what you come up with.

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