As an Architecture Major, I have found (through much trial and error) that context is key when it comes to strong design. You must have a strong grasp on who the client is: why they’re here, budget, climate, etc. in order to create an impactful and thoughtful experience.

People drive my creativity. The promise of getting to understand and learn from new people from different physical, socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds when starting another architecture project keeps me pushing forward. When I have been asked why I am so passionate about designing buildings, I say that it is not the buildings that drive my passion yet it is the life and purpose that is contained within them.

What really gets me excited is the idea that whatever happens between my pencil and the paper has the ability to revitalize a run-down business district, become an after school study destination for college and high school students alike, or a housing settlement for Syrian refugees. It doesn’t matter what each building’s purpose is – what I care about is creating an impactful human experience every time.

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