Intermittent Bursts of Genius

We all have moments when the light bulb above our heads goes off; begging for a minute of undivided attention, then suddenly like a sunset disappears as if it were a dream. These types of moments happen to me all the damn time. A brilliant idea comes to me and (after some coaching) I write it down on a post-it note to save for later thinking, “I will come back to it and change the world!” But when I return to my diamond in the rough it doesn’t seem so good anymore… Maybe I need to be clearer when I get an idea? Use a whole sheet of paper? Make a voice memo? Or devote an entire evening to developing my idea? Reserving time to formulate my hair-brained ideas barely seems worth it when I have so many things to do but I know one day there will be an idea that is worth developing further. I challenge myself and you reading this to chase the wacky ideas you get every day. Make a solutions journal or use post-it notes, whatever medium it is if you are an entrepreneur that thinks they have valuable ideas worth the time and effort to evolve, write them down! You will only save yourself the time because inevitably it will be the first step in developing your idea into reality. Having a constant physical reminder can be the difference that grabs your attention and inspires you on any given day.

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