Broomball is a Second Right Answer Sport

Other than the massive amounts of bruises I have gained from my time on the ice, something else has stuck with me from playing broomball. This one; however, is a little more permanent and less purple.

There is no correct way to play this game but infinite ways to play it. There are goals, objectives, and rules, but after that, it’s all up to you.

The general, first right answer idea is to use the broom to move the ball, but because the ice is slick, your first intentions become abandoned as soon as you start to fall, in other words, broomball forces you to abandon your first right idea. That’s when your own creativity starts to kick in.

You start to think how you can flail one of your limbs into the way of the ball to change its trajectory or how to stick the broom out just enough to tip the ball the other way. You still have the same goal in mind, however, the way to get there becomes more interesting. In other sports I’ve played, like boxing and volleyball, there are strategies and ideal combos or ways to pass. In broomball, there really is no such thing you can’t expect anything to turn out how you think it will go.

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