Headline: Market for Creativity

I like to express my creativity through my investments in the stock market. Last summer, I put most of my savings into the markets and I have personally managed my money since then.  There are so many companies out there you can invest in, so in order to outperform major indices, you have to get creative in where and how you invest.

I think it is the coolest thing to invest in a growing company with lots of potential and see if your pick pays off down the line, both in the short-term and the long-term. When it comes to investing, I look to books and magazines for emerging future trends at first. Then, from there I research companies that follow these trends and later invest if I see them to have future potential. Sure, I could invest in major companies like Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, JP Morgan, Johnson & Johnson, etc. and make find some solid returns, but I like to look for those that are just getting started. Those companies that are working to be the next big names ten years from now, as those are the investments that take creativity to find and can warrant the largest returns.

Being able to find creative opportunities and invest in companies that not many others know of requires a lot of creativity and thought on my end, but this whole process allows me to think differently and attempt to reflect on the future.

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