Song for Thought

Creativity emerges from music. It moves me. It envelopes my soul. I am with the music when I listen to it. I have grown up with music as a part of my life, in dance, in singing, in car rides. So, music reminds me of my childhood, it takes me to the purest moments in my life, it makes me feel free. When I hear an amazing song, I get inspired and my mind floats away…like a scene in a movie. I choreograph the song, I direct the music video in my mind, and the song becomes a part of that moment. I remember my ideas when I hear the song again, but I am trying to write my thoughts down because otherwise they float away as the next song arrives. As I have grown older, and my songs have become less vocal, I realize that my voice of judgement has taken over. I am in the process of growing down through my love for music.

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