My Creative Curiosity

My curiosity drives my creativity. When I look at a traumatic event, I often question how the problem occurred. My interest takes over as I try to piece many scenarios together to solve the how the incident happened, and where is going. To understand those events, I think about “what if” questions. As those what if questions come to me, I try to think about a range of futures that could occur.

For example, one “what if” question I have recently taken a lot of time thinking about is “what if 9/11 did not happen?”. What would all the victims of 9/11 done with their lives?  Would Bush have been re-elected? What if we stopped the terrorist attack before they hijacked the plane?

One exercise that allows me to strengthen my creativity is the Inner Terrain imagination activity. I close my eyes and try to enter a relaxed and sincere state. As I enter my relaxed state, I think about specific memories and the sensations I experienced at that moment. I have the ability recall those feelings that are very vivid and real. Once I open my eyes, I can feel the emotions I had in that memory in the present. My curiosity then allows me to extend that vivid thought to either experience that same sensation in a different way.

If it weren’t for my curiosity, my creativity would be severely harmed.

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