Eating Well on a College Budget

What is one of the biggest issue a college student faces every day? Making it to class? Checking social media? Well yes those and many more are all issues we face as college students however, I believe that a huge issue is finding a way to cook a substantial meal at an affordable price. All college students are on a budget of some kind, and personally I like to save most of my money by saving it while grocery shopping. This process takes a bit of creativity along with lots of trial and error.

What I wanted to do for this blog post is share with everyone one of my favorite cheap, delicious, healthy, and simple week-long meals that I cook for myself. The ingredients that I use for this meal will last me a week of lunches and dinners ends up being less than $35. You can freeze the chicken and thaw it when you are ready to use it, and you can save leftovers for a meal the next day. I can use these ingredients for up to 7-10 meals depending on portion sizes.

$11.50 on Chicken Breast

$4.50 on Onions

$5.00 on Rice

$4.75 on Spinach

$2.75x 2 on Marinade

This meal is simple,

  1. Dice the chicken and place it in a gallon zip-lock bag.
  2. Add marinade to bag
  3. Dice onions
  4. Boil Water
  5. Cook chicken with oil in a pan for 12 minutes on medium-high heat
  6. Add rice to boiled water
  7. Add Onions to sauce pan, let simmer on medium-low heat until rice is ready
  8. Remove rice after 15 minutes
  9. Plate rice, chicken, onions on a bed of spinach and Enjoy!

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