Creativity in Communication

Merriam-Webster gives a very vague definition of creativity – closely linking it with a person’s artistic capability. However, I am constantly noticing creativity in many different forms throughout my day – my favorite is the diversity of creativity in people’s humor. Everyone has a distinct personality, especially when it comes to his or her specific creative humor. This weekend I decided to participate less in conversations going on with my friends and instead listen to the concepts and ideas flowing in their conversations. Just like the domino effect, kids take ideas that have just been said, twist them just a tad to their own liking, and relay them again to the rest of the group in hopes of appreciation and/or laughter. In one particular conversation the topic began discussing the NBA All-Star weekend and the ended in an argument about views on gun control – this advances the ideas of creativity because every view, idea, or thought someone portrays is their own creative perspective on the particular topic that others can piggyback on. Hence with constant communication creativity is constantly prevalent in our communities.

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