Isn’t She Lovely

Think Stevie Wonder. Think about the first moments with your newborn child. The sounds. The feelings. The first touch.

With three simple, yet so delicately chosen words, Stevie Wonder described a moment in life that will stay with a person for eternity.







Although I have never experienced the birth of my first child, I use this song to remind myself of that moment. At this moment, an innocent, lively, and wandering life is born into a world of many challenges, but in this moment, all this mind wants to do is learn. Learn to walk. Learn to play sports. Learn to draw. This song trains me to remember my youth, where asking questions in the class didn’t make you “that student” or how creating a masterpiece in art class wasn’t found as feminine.

I use the three words Stevie Wonder so famously sang about that newborn to keep my creativity alive. The same creativity that is ever so lovely, wonderful, and precious in a child is the same creativity I push myself to hold onto.

My request for you: don’t let aging take away the passions and moments that make looking back on your childhood so special. Keep the “kid” inside of you alive.

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