Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

While discovering my creativity, I’ve learned that failure is OK and in fact it is more than ok, it is frickin fantastic. I am no longer afraid of failure because I’ve come to realize that it will lead to something bigger and better. I’ve found that journaling about my failures and accepting who I am has brought out some creativity that was hiding. I write down thoughts and questions that I take away from my classes, how I am feeling and what I am curious about. Writing about my life allows me to be more aware of myself and my Voice of Judgement. I realize a lot of times I second guess myself and I really shouldn’t, and I just need to shut my VOJ up. It’s helped me learn I need to take more risks and stop caring about what others think. I’m starting to dance like nobody’s watching and starting to not be afraid of what could happen. I encourage you to do the same…

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