A Creative Essence In Fashion

I’ve found that to be truly creative in your life, you need to find something that you are truly passionate about, something that always keeps you looking for more. Being a fashion entrepreneurship co-major, I have a knack for creatively styling myself.

I have what I like to call a “collection” of jackets that I have accumulated over the years. My jackets are all very unique, each expressing my personal sense of identity and self through my own creative style. Whether I’m putting on my star sleeved leather jacket or my bright pink bomber, I’m always envisioning what to wear underneath them. My jackets are my creative foundation; they enable me to imagine new outfits to pair with them and creatively turn those ideas into my own style.

My creative inspiration is at its peak when I’m looking for pieces to add to my collection or visualizing different styles in my head. My jackets are part of my personal brand- my family and friends know me for always putting on a bold jacket and creating a unique flair for myself. My creative advice is to find your base, your jacket, for creativity and let it take you in all sorts of creative directions.

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